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India is in the 21st century and we are growing in technology and mindset by leaps and bounds, but there are still some parts of India which are still backward and superstitious. Here’s a story of Bhiravad in Ujjain, where cows are made to trample humans. This ritual is something that happens on the day of Parewa. People consider this auspicious.

50 kilometre from Ujjain is Budnagar Tehsil in the Bhiravad village. On Parewa day the people of this place follow a crazy ritual. Those living here lie down and then cows run over them trampling them, leaving some seriously injured. You could ask why endure such pain?

The answer is plain and simple superstition. Here’s the deal one asks for a wish from the goddess Gauri and the person’s wish comes true, so it becomes essential that the person lie down and all the cows in the village trample upon the person. Villagers and even the Police are mute spectators to the ritual and no one comes forward to stop this from happening.

The ambience is like there are people beating drums dancing and singing in gay abandon. The belief is 33 crore gods and goddesses are present in the cow. Locals claim a cow going over a person basically means that they are blessed by the cow, who in India is often compared to a mother. These people initially stay on a fast and just have fruit, water and other special edibles for fasting time. The people are mentally counselled to take on the challenge.

The people are first made to go all around the village. Then the people are made to lie on their stomach and a cloth is tied on their head. The cows are made to run from one side of the village. They run in a way that they go and trample the person on its way ahead.

 With the ritual over the women of the village apply a tilak on the forehead of the person in question. No matter how painful and dangerous, those whose wishes are fulfilled they are ready to go to any extent to seek the blessings of the cows. 

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